SmartTemplate Setup.exe Question

Mar 23, 2010 at 8:23 AM

Greetings all, Web Part newbie here. I recently upgraded my SharePoint server from WSS 2.0 to WSS 3.0. This is pretty much a sandbox type of server to do some SharePoint proof of concept type research. When I run the Setup.exe that is pregenerated for me the install only finds the default SharePoint site and the admin SharePoint site. It does not find the two other sites running on the server (and therefore does not allow the Web Part to be deployed to them). These sites were set up prior to the SharePoint WSS 3.0 upgrade (not sure if thats relevant) and *DO* show up if I go to the "Central Administration > Application Management tab > site collections list" page. These sites are your basic default SharePoint "Team Web Site" type sites with practically no customization (and no users). Any ideas why Setup.exe wouldn't find them during install?